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Why is Z-Ultimate the Best Martial Arts Colorado Springs? We Don't Make it About the Art, We Make it About You!

Super Saver Extravaganza

Super Saver Extravaganza!

Our upcoming ONCE-PER-YEAR SUPER-SAVER event has a very limited availability of New Student Enrollment Programs, Private lesson upgrade options, Discounted Tuition Plans, Martial Arts Supplies, and Gift Certificates.

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Develop Our Future Leaders with Martial Arts at Z Ultimate Colorado Springs

Two Weeks Free Martial Arts

For a limited time we are allowing you to try the best martial arts program in Colorado Springs for two weeks free! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the power of personalized martial arts instruction. Space and availability is limited.

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Develop Your Ultimate Mind

You’ll be amazed how your child develops in Z-Ultimate’s Future Leaders Karate for Kids Colorado Springs program. We know how important it is to find the best martial arts Colorado Springs for your kids. We teach values like respect, discipline, humility, perseverance, and how to work with others in a fun and exciting way.

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Ultimate Body Transformation

Get ready to enjoy a FUN program that combines cross-training, kickboxing, boxing, muai-thai, and of course, kempo to give you an exhilarating calorie-burning workout that builds muscles and melts away fat. We’ve got 500+ action packed workouts that burn fat, shred inches, tone muscle, and teach real-life self defense. We are more than just the best martial arts Colorado Springs.

Get Fit

Develop the Ultimate Spirit

With Z-Ultimate, American Shaolin Kempo, and personalized instruction, you will be taught techniques that are the perfect fit for your body style and abilities. Instructors are always working with you fine-tuning every step of your techniques. All delivered at a pace that allows you to develop effective skills as fast as possible.

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Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

Best Martial Arts Colorado Springs

Z-Ultimate Colorado Springs is a member of a family of martial arts companies with superior quality of instruction and customer service, driven to help clients realize their ultimate potential.

Professional Martial Arts Instructors

Professional Martial Arts Instructors

Z-Ultimate is the only martial arts organizations in the world that hand picks and trains all instructors in a University of Martial Arts Professionals, the best and most extreme example of their kind.

safe and friendly martial arts training facility

Safe and Friendly Training Facility

Our 1500 square foot facility is a safe, friendly, and never overcrowded. The environment is upscale, clean, and full of fun and exciting ways to practice martial arts and get in better shape.

best martial arts Colorado Springs

Find the Best Martial Arts Colorado Springs

You don’t have to train with us but you have to train. We’re committed to providing you with all the resources you need to find the best martial arts Colorado Springs.

best martial arts colorado springs power of personalized instruction

Get Two Weeks Free of the Best Martial Arts Colorado Springs

Experience the power of personalized martial arts and fitness with a free two week test drive! We’re going to include a private session and unlimited group class access! See for yourself why we’re the best martial arts Colorado Springs.

Classical Training Traditional Values

Our clas­si­cal meth­ods approach (think  body, or phys­i­cal) is rooted in the tra­di­tional train­ing meth­ods (basics, drills, body con­di­tion­ing and strength­en­ing exer­cises), tech­niques, and forms which con­sti­tute the core foun­da­tion of our Ulti­mate Kenpo system.

Classical Martial Arts Training Ninja

Practical Application Effective Techniques

Our Prac­ti­cal Method (think Mind) moves our train­ing beyond the clas­si­cal tech­niques and clas­si­cal attacks to more real­is­tic attacks and adjustments. These sessions allow understanding the “how, why, and what if’s” of their mate­r­ial, and how to make it work.

Practical Martial Arts Training Ninja

Tactical Drills and Thrills for Combat

Our Tac­ti­cal Method (think SPIRIT) is the essence of self-defense training. The stu­dent utilizes their mar­tial arts skills gained from the Clas­si­cal and Prac­ti­cal Meth­ods in the Tac­ti­cal train­ing exer­cises of free style drills and spar­ring, both empty handed and with weapons.

Tactical Martial Arts Training Ninja

Two Weeks Free!

We’re so confident you’ll find our personalized programs to be the perfect fit that we’re offering two weeks free. Experience for yourself why Z-Ultimate truly is the best martial arts Colorado Springs. There’s absolutely no obligation and no cost! What have you got to loose?


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We love this place! Our 11 and 8-year-olds had been training in Mixed Martial Arts for 3 years, so when we moved here, we tried out several different programs. This one is the best.

Although it’s a 30-minute drive and costs a little more, you get what you pay for. In addition to unlimited group classes (currently Mon through Thur nights, plus Sat mornings), your tuition includes 1 30-minute individual training session each week.

The senseis keeps class sizes small and is excellent with kids.

David R, Colorado Springs, CO

I researched and had my son try out about 10 different places.  Z Ultimate is the best!  The others didn’t even come close to providing what they offer at z ultimate!  My son learns so much and has such a good time!  It’s worth the small price difference to know you are getting so much more!  My son begs to go!  Thrilled to find a place that takes teaching serious but still makes it fun in a structured environment.

Update: my son has now been going to z ultimate for almost 6 months.  He still loves it and has learned so much.  We definitely made the right choice when we chose, the private lessons are amazing!

Sarah W, Colorado Springs, CO

You cannot get martial arts training that is any better than this. The principles taught here are founded on 3000 year old traditions founded at the Shaolin temple in China. My sons ages six and nine really love it, and it’s a very good workout for the old man to.

In a day when martial arts training is watered-down by everybody trying to make a buck this company stands on tradition and the finest training available. I would recommend since a Curtis Flick and his staff to anyone seeking discipline self-defense martial arts training and physical fitness it’s great for kids and adults alike.

Steven C, Colorado Springs, CO

Having two young children takes up a lot of my time and energy and sometimes I just want to crash. But I look forward to each group class and I find a second boost of energy when I come. My training increases my self confidence, it pushes my athletic limits, it motivates me, I develop meaningful relationships, and it boosts my morale. I also find it practical and worth my time.

The personalized training is great and truly is of great quality and value. The content of group classes is meaningful and applicable. The level of push is just right for me.

Rebeca H, Castle Rock, CO

My son has gotten his inner self strength, built self confidence, and has gotten to his first goal which is a yellow belt but his goal is ultimately to get to black belt like his Sensei’s.

All of the Sensei’s have helped me with being a single parent which has brought smiles and a sense of accomplishment for myself and my children. They have always been there when I have needed. They listen to what we are working on at home and incorporate those lessons into my son’s lessons to reinforce them.

Thank you so much guys /gals for helping us thru life and find direction!

Heather C, Castle Rock, CO

My daughter and I are both loving Z-Ultimate! The instructors are motivated and keep me so as well.

Training provides skills that are useful, good exercise, and movement of the body that helps me with relaxation. Most kid’s sports are team sports. While this has a team component with her fellow students, this is also an individual sport that requires a different level of discipline.

Also, it’s actually a great social opportunity. Training with other adults (for me) and other kids (for my daughter) broadens our friend base.

Steve B, Castle Rock, CO

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Super Saver Extravaganza!

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Try Our the Best Martial Arts Colorado Springs FREE for Two Weeks

We’re so confident you’ll find our personalized programs to be the perfect fit that we’re offering two weeks free. Experience for yourself why Z-Ultimate truly is the best martial arts Colorado Springs. There’s absolutely no obligation and no cost! What have you got to loose?


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